BroadReach Healthcare (BRHC) is a global healthcare solutions company that provides consulting, implementation and programme management services. BRHC is dedicated to expanding access to healthcare services across the globe through innovative approaches that combine the best of the private sector and public health. Their approach combines best practices from the public sector with business efficiency and private sector discipline to address international health challenges and opportunities.

BRHC designs, implements and manages data management and reporting systems of varying complexity to support the monitoring of work and programmes and the evaluation of performance. This contributes to the evidence base for informed decision making in programmes and countries.

Where Implemented

Since BRHC’s establishment in 2003, they have worked in over 20 countries in sub-Saharan Africa where they have helped shape national and international healthcare policies, implemented patient data systems, trained over 10,000 healthcare providers and over 1,500 healthcare leaders and managers, educated over 5 million patients, among others.

BRHC works with a wide range of clients, including bilateral aid agencies such as the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), multilateral development banks, national governments, private companies, multinational corporations, small and medium enterprises and pharmaceutical companies.

BRHC global headquarters is in Cape Town and they have over 230 staff in Africa.

Contribution to eHealth in SA

BRHC has partnered with nearly 500 government run health facilities in South Africa across six provinces to evaluate weaknesses in service delivery; conduct extensive improvements such as training, operational re-engineering, and infrastructure upgrades to improve capacity and service; build detailed 5 and 10 year strategic and resource plans based upon extensive modelling of patient demand and the impact of various solutions to meet those demands. BRHC also provides strategic technical assistance to District Management Teams at a District level across five districts in five provinces.  BRHC has delivered technical assistance in data management, monitoring, and evaluation to strengthen the District Health Information System (DHIS) and support the roll out of the system.

BRHC has also built the capacity of over 500 facilities to track patient data and outcomes through their ARV Information System, which comprehensively collects and synthesises information regarding prevention, care, and support services for over 30,000 patients. BRHC has also designed a Planning Assistance Tool that monitors the government’s national HIV testing campaign at 4,000 facilities.

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