The International Generic and Biosimilar Medicines Association (IGBA) has launched an information campaign to raise worldwide understanding and acceptance of biosimilar medicines.

The IGBA announced the information campaign based on its biosimilar medicines public slide deck.

According to the IGBA, access to well-referenced information is fundamental to improving worldwide understanding and acceptance of biosimilar medicines, which support patient access to life-saving treatments, enhance competition and contribute to healthcare system sustainability by offering savings for the same medical outcome.

Biosimilar medicines, like their reference medicinal products, help treat many complex diseases, including cancers, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, inflammatory bowel disease, growth disorders and diabetes.

The IGBA is made up of associations in a range of countries including the US, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, India and South Africa under the Generic and Biosimilar Medicine Southern Africa.

A biosimilar plant is being established in South Africa at the Dube Trade Port near Durban, by a member company of the Generic and Biosimilar Medicine SA. On completion the plant is expected to be able to provide more affordable life-saving treatments where biological drugs are required.

The IGBA says the European Union (EU) has approved the highest number of biosimilar medicines worldwide, and has acquired considerable experience of their use and safety and believes that the European clinical experience with biosimilar medicines can “become a worldwide game-changer for access to medicines for certain complex medical conditions.”

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