Angolan ICT startup, Appy Saúde, has developed an mHealth app that aims to connect Angolans to every single healthcare provider in the country.

Since the Appy Saúde app launched in April 2017 it has become the largest health database in the country, with over 1,800 healthcare providers listed and over 12,500 active users to date.

Through the app, which is available for free on both Android and Apple devices, users can access information about medical services, doctors’ schedules, their location and directions to get there, contact information and even what medical insurance is accepted. The app also has a social component where users can comment and give ratings to healthcare services received.

The Appy Saúde team physically went around the country collecting verified information from healthcare providers over a three month period. According to Appy Saúde, this is the first time that such healthcare information has been collected and made available to the public.

“We have no competitors at the moment. We are unique in the Angolan market. We know that we are the largest database because there is no other platform in Angola that contains and makes the data available as we do,” Marketing Manager at Appy Saúde, Clara Vieira, told Disrupt Africa.

“The big search engines haven’t collected information on premises, as we have. We have collected information on-site in each of the 18 provinces. This complete and up-to-date information does not exist anywhere else,” continued Vieira.

This year Appy Saúde aims to list every healthcare facility across the country on the app. They also plan on releasing a web-based version of the database and an online booking function.

“Appy Saúde’s main mission is to simplify people’s lives by providing useful and reliable health information. It is essential to continue to provide this information for all citizens of Angola. We intend to continue to improve the Appy Saúde platform by providing more information and more services,” concluded Vieira.

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