The Africa Innovation Summit (AIS) has announced the innovators who will be showcasing their ground-breaking solutions at its AIS 2018 forum, which will take place from 6 to 8 June 2018 in Kigali, Rwanda.

Now in its second year, the AIS seeks to showcase innovative and disruptive solutions for major challenges facing African countries, which include energy access, water, food insecurity and health systems.

According to the organisers, the Summit serves as a platform for multi-stakeholder dialogue and a catalyst for coalition and action towards building robust innovation ecosystems in Africa.

The AIS 2018 Innovation Track and Exhibition, which will showcase home-grown innovations on the continent, forms an integral part of the Summit as it will focus on profiling and supporting solutions that are already examples of how Africa is addressing challenges with new and innovative thinking.

“It is heartwarming to see so many Africans engaged in trying to find solutions to the pressing challenges facing the continent,” said Director of the AIS, Dr Olugbenga Adesida.

“The hope which we have is to build the AIS into a platform that will support innovators, refine the ideas and scale them up across Africa and the World. Also important, we need all Africans, especially those with the power to act, to actively engage in building innovation driven societies in Africa,” continued Dr Adesida.

Here are some of the AIS 2018 innovators who are disrupting healthcare:

Dr Dougbeh-Chris Nyan

Research Scientist, Dr Dougbeh-Chris Nyan has invented a diagnostic test that can detect and distinguish seven different viruses at the same time including HIV. The portable system fits in a college-size back-pack and can be powered by a simple car battery by plugging it in the car cigarette lighter apparatus. Solar power is currently being looked at as a potential power supply.

Zuko Mandlakazi

Founder of Senso, Zuko Mandlakazi has developed a wearable wristband that detects sounds and communicates them to the user through vibration and LED lighting, alerting them to potential danger. The device does not rely on a network to transmit sounds and can detect sounds within a radius of 400m.

Ifeoluwa Olokode

LifeBank’s Ifeoluwa Olokode who oversees “partnerships and growth” at the Nigerian-based startup which delivers blood supplies and essential medical supplies to hospitals using a data, smart logistics; mobile phones; motorcycles; and high technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) and Blockchain.

Stephen Kalyesubula

Founder of Labtech, Stephen Kalyesubula has developed an integrated hardware and mobile app called UriSAF for effective diagnosis and monitoring of maternal health in low resource settings of Uganda. The hardware module, called “Uriscope” can diagnose urine samples for a range of issues from diarrhoea to kidney failure to gestational diabetes.

UriSAF also integrates a mobile app that receives data from the hardware once testing is done, processes it to give a diagnosis and allows for saving to the cloud and sharing with a doctor for further analysis. The app provides tools that track the foetus’ growth, information about stages of pregnancy, possible weight and height of the foetus, immunisation calendar, family planning and nutrition calendar for both mother and baby.

Neo Hutiri

Founder of automated chronic medicine dispensing system, Techno Vera, Neo Hutiri, has developed Pelebox, a smart locker solution that allows a patient to collect chronic medication in under two minutes. Pre-packed medication is loaded into a compartment for a particular patient; the system then sends a mobile text with a one-time-pin to that patient; the patients would then make their way to a collection unit and authenticate themselves using their one-time-pin together with their mobile number. Smart lockers for chronic medication work in a setting where national health ministries need to reach more people but are limited by the number of traditional healthcare facilities, staff shortages and higher patient volumes.

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