A newly released health app developed by Toronto-based startup, Datapult, uses Fitbit data to alert consumers when they are showing signs of a reoccurring illness, such as a cold, before it happens.

The app, called Achu, tracks patterns leading up to sickness using a proprietary algorithm to alert the user to signs that they are getting sick, as they have been in the past.

“The more interactive you are with Achu, the more accurate it will be in helping you to stay healthy,” said CTO of Datapult in a statement, Michael Morra.

“When you feel tired, achy, feverish, stuffy – whatever the symptom, you calibrate the Achu app, and it will then start to match data from your past,” continued Morra.

Using an algorithm, the Achu app tracks the patterns in each of the metrics recorded by the Fitbit, such as heart rate or sleep efficiency; leading up to a user’s input into Achu’s sickness calibration system.

The app will the use this data to identify patterns between this symptom and the other data the user’s Fitbit has been feeding it.

For the app to know the user’s health patterns, the user must first calibrate the app by entering their symptoms when they are sick such as headache; cough; runny nose; stuffed nose; fever and aches. Achu will begin to look for similar trends and patterns that match the sequence of data in the calibration.

They can then calibrate Achu with as many sicknesses as they like, and the app will generate a unique algorithm for each of them. The user will receive a daily notification alerting them of the probability of getting sick based on their past sickness calibrations.

“We expect a user to experience parallel sleep, heart rate, step and active patterns leading up to a sickness. Therefore, if their most recent data mirrors their data from when they experienced the same symptoms, our algorithm would calculate a high probability of a repeat illness for this individual calibration,” said Morra.

Achu is currently available for iOS in the App store. Datapult says it’s currently building technology to make Achu compatible with other health wearable and android devices in the near future.

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