Acfee believes in, and supports, eHealth’s role in transforming and strengthening African healthcare systems and helping to achieve better health for Africans.

Two core Acfee objectives are to develop eHealth leadership and expand people’s eHealth capacity so countries can build and sustain effective eHealth programmes.

Where implemented

Acfee is a non-profit company based in South Africa and is financed by its African collaborations. The Acfee advisors are 12 African health leaders from 11 countries.

Academic partners include Stellenbosch University’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FMHS) and Monash South Africa. Industry partners range from global companies to local start-ups investing in African eHealth.

Acfee also works closely with NGOs, especially those actively engaged in eHealth in Africa, maintaining collaborative links with the WHO, African Network for Digital Health, Health.Enabled, HELINA, SNOMED-CT and the Royal Society of Medicine.

Contribution to eHealth in SA

Acfee has a wide range of eHealth expertise that includes eHealth leadership, capacity building, eHealth databases, business cases, change management and health informatics groups, which falls under three themes:

Acfee Discover – eHealth News Africa (eHNA) is a growing knowledge base of eHealth developments for African eHealth professionals to use to find out what works, how to make eHealth work better and what’s going on in eHealth.

Acfee Learn – Current activities include developing formal eHealth learning programmes with African university partners and eLearning services to support further expansion.

Acfee Lead – Acfee’s initiatives include a dynamic collection of leadership development opportunities for eHealth professionals to expand their skills, knowledge and networks.

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