30 Day Health is a health tech startup that provides on-demand healthcare services through their Care Delivery app, which allows patients to find, book, pay and call for health care services, no matter where they might be.

Where Implemented

30 Day Health was founded in 2014 in South Africa, and is now available to all South African patients who have access to mobile technology and an internet connection. 30 Day Health plans to expand internationally.

30 Day Health are partner-centric and work with many home-care agencies, healthcare provider groups, wellness companies and employee assistance programmes in South Africa.

Contribution to eHealth in SA

30 Day Health is aiming to change the face of healthcare delivery in South Africa by helping to combat the overburdened health system by bringing healthcare to those who need it most.

Since its release, 30 Day Heath’s Care Delivery app has had over 200 nurses register on the platform to provide home-based care to patients.

For more information visit: www.care.delivery

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