South African startup, 30 Day Health, has developed an innovative web-based app, called Care Delivery, which aims to become the country’s leading on-demand healthcare platform.

Care Delivery can be accessed from any internet-enabled device, and allows patients to find, book, request and seamlessly pay for health services – ranging from medication administration to changing a wound dressing to providing a night nurse – all from the convenience of their own home.

The platform is intended for the elderly, those suffering with chronic conditions, patients who have recently been discharged from hospital and anyone who needs care services. According to CEO and Co-founder of 30 Day Health, Simon Spurr, this is because simple processes provided by a care giver or nurse in-home can reduce costs associated with hospital readmission and provide better coordinated care.

“Post-acute care transitions from the hospital are extremely difficult due to information gaps at critical decision-making and transition points. Research has shown that 1 in 5 patients are readmitted from post-acute care within 30 days, at extensive cost to the health system. Meanwhile, a large portion of patients who are readmitted into hospital could have been prevented by using better patient management and early intervention methods,” said Spurr.

“Right now it’s difficult for a patient to source and book good, quality and affordable care services in South Africa. The convenience of a healthcare provider coming to one’s home or workplace is a strong value proposition,” continued Spurr.

Months of hard work went into developing and testing the Care Delivery platform, both internally and with focus groups consisting of patients and healthcare providers. Valuable support was provided by the Microsoft BizSpark programme as well as the Barclays Africa’s Tech Lab Africa accelerator programme.

Since its recent launch, over 200 nurses have signed up to provide their services via the platform, all of which have been approved by 30 Day Health and their strategic partners after ensuring that they have the relevant qualifications and undergone security and background checks for compliance.

The platform is free for both the patient and healthcare provider.30 Day Health generates revenue by retaining a small portion of the amount paid for the healthcare service.

“We are partner-centric and we work with home-care agencies, healthcare provider groups, wellness companies and employee assistance programmes,” said Spurr.

The system’s architecture easily allows for integration with other digital platforms to help enhance the ecosystem.

“Data that is captured into Care Delivery by the healthcare provider can easily be extrapolated for client reporting and our custom forms can seamlessly accommodate partners who wish to offer their specific assessments and questionnaires to their end users and clients. It’s also important to note that we comply with PoPI with regards to patient confidentiality and information sharing,” said Spurr.

30 Day Health plans to expand their service to international markets and to grow their team of providers to cater for even more healthcare services; this will also expand the market place for providers to generate extra revenue.

“We have extensive plans for development phases to incorporate new features and services. We are gathering user feedback to enhance the app and strengthen our value proposition and to ensure our patients have access to a broad range of high-quality care providers at their fingertips,”said Spurr.

“Healthcare providers such as Biokineticists, Beauty Therapists and even Personal Trainers all have a role to play in the Care Delivery app because all care services can help patients immensely. Basic care services (helping someone collect groceries or cook a meal) can be offered by anyone with a small amount of care training. They don’t need to be registered nurses to help someone in the same community. We feel very strongly that we can train people “off the street”, using our nursing agency partners and training schools, to become Care Delivery providers, who can earn additional money and help those around them; thus providing employment for those who are willing and able to help others” concluded Spurr.

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